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Galleries everywhere

Whimsy is a web app helping artists all over the world sell their works for Bitcoin in local venues such as cafes, foyers and waiting rooms.

Get started

An artist

For artists

Register your art on Whimsy, set a delivery radius, and wait to receive emails when local venues would like to exhibit your works. Patrons can buy them off the wall with Bitcoin; we take a 20% cut and forward the rest to your Bitcoin address.

It’s blood, sweat and tears to get exhibited in traditional galleries and they take a ~40% cut if something actually sells.
A venue

For venues

Register your venue on Whimsy as a gallery, scroll nearby artworks and select the ones you want to exhibit. The artists will install their pieces for free and draw traffic to your venue. Symbiosis!

I’d love to spice up the place with some genuine, local art, but where to begin? Galleries are expensive and you can’t “try before you buy”.
A collector

For collectors

Discover art at cafes and other places you frequent, priced cheaper than in traditional galleries! To buy, visit a URL and provide your email address to receive a payment Bitcoin address. Once your payment is confirmed you‘ll receive a password to show venue staff to take it home.

I want something pretty and affordable for the living room wall, but I don’t trust buying online and it’s tiring to visit galleries.